Case Studies


Connected with Influencer Sam



July 12, 2020

Company Led - Social Influencer Campaign

Bearings, a healthy beverage, start-up was looking to start their entry into the market with a bang. Bearings found Social Influencer Sam, through Social Force's match-making system. Sam has a large health and wellness following and fits all the criteria that Bearings was looking for. 


Together they Sam and Bearings created a ground-breaking campaign using the Social Force system. The results were astounding, and Bearings entered the market with sales 200% over their initial goal! 


Monica 80k Followers

Connected with Company Lush


June 13, 2020

Influencer Led - Influencer Campaign

Monica was looking to break into the social media influencing market. She joined Social Force and found, Lushy, a company that matched her ideal market for her followers. Then she created a beautiful campaign for Lushy using Social Force's content creation and submitted it for approval.   


Monica landed that first dream gig with Lushy! Lushy's sales went up 25% the first month the campaign hit! Now Monica is a thriving influencer with her pick of gigs! 

Chic Travel

Connected with Influencer team Yoga Travels



August 20, 2021

Small Travel Agency - Influencer Campaign

Chic Travel was looking to break into the wellness travel niche. They used Social Force's Match-making system to connect with the influencer team Yoga Travels. Together they created beautiful campaigns right in the Social Force system using their content creation. 


Chic Travel a small travel agency successfully broke into the wellness travel market. They have grown their company from 2 agents to 20, all with the business coming in from the Yoga Travels team as they are their exclusive booking agent. They have created many campaigns together on Social Force and are able to measure the success of these with the help of Social Force's built-in analytics.